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In the last few years, you may notice that the amount of signs that say “Like us on Facebook”’ or “Follow us on Twitter” are not as common as they had been. The main reason for that is companies who tried, or are still trying, realize that this strategy did not work in getting more people to help grow thier business.

We have been seeing a transition of more people using their mobile devices to stay active on their social media, than they did a few years ago. I am not saying that these signs do not work, but they must have a reason, and you have to make it worth their while.

I have recently noticed in a local restaurant that I frequent, they have a sign that says, “Get a 10 % discount if you like us on Facebook”, and it went on to say that we will only post every other day and we will include relevant content, not jokes or links to our blog. We will also include weekly discount specials on our food.”

This strategy is working for them as they consistently are adding likes to their page. They also let them take advantage of another 10% discount, if they posted that they were there and what they are eating. This is another good example of how to stay engaged with your customers and getting more people to visit to your business.

Using signs or posters is an ineffective way to drive customer engagement, get fans and followers. Typically, these people are already your customers and if you are treating them well, ask them to tell their friends about your business. As a reminder, it does not always need to be a discount, but rather a reason.

When you opened your business, you were having fun and being creative, make sure that you continue to do that in your social media strategies. Enjoy your business and watch it grow!