Value Added Reseller (VAR)


G5, we have the answers our partners need to be successful in today’s tough, competitive marketplace. Our Value Added Reseller (VAR) Partnership Program is designed to optimize your electronic transaction needs as well as the needs of clients. G5 offers customized business solutions for all types and sizes of businesses.

Our goal is to build your business transactions, and to drive sales revenue through new and existing business partnerships.

With our Value Added Reseller (VAR) partnership program, we will provide you the customized tools and innovative resources to grow more profitable merchant relationships. Together will will address:

  • Benefits for your business
  • Integrated sales strategy
  • Comprehensive revenue share structure
  • Marketing materials and collateral support items
  • Merchant Customer Service Support – 24/7
  • Merchant setup and on-boarding process

G5 Business is a division of G5 Transaction Solutions where “strategy is our strength and business solutions are our passion”. We work with our clients continually on strategy, planning and problem solving. We enter every business partnership with a consultation. We provide advice, skill training and brainstorming with all of our clients to produce the best results within your budget.