Financial / Agent Bank

bank agent

AT G5, we partner with financial institutions to offer credit card processing services for existing and potential clients. Customers benefit from fast, reliable payment processing and customer service, while our banking partners benefit through an added revenue stream and a dedicated partner who shares the same values of local, personal service.

As a financial institution, you will be able to provide your business clients with a complete range of payment card processing services, including:

  • Credit, debit, fleet, and EBT card processing
  • Electronic check service with guarantee
  • Wireless, internet, mobile and dial processing
  • PCI assistance
  • Electronic gift cards
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Next-day funding availability

G5 Business is a division of G5 Transaction Solutions where “strategy is our strength and business solutions are our passion”. We work with our clients continually on strategy, planning and problem solving. We enter every business partnership with a consultation. We provide advice, skill training and brainstorming with all of our clients to produce the best results within your budget.