Payment Processing


At G5, we partner with our customers and provide additional options for their customers to pay, which leads to increased sales and a larger customer base. Our processing options allow you to accept credit, debit and gift cards quickly, easily and secure.

Take advantage of our payment processing solutions with competitive rates that help you earn more with less expense. We can help create efficiencies in your business by helping with:

  • Accepting debit and credit card payments
  • Mobile applications
  • Our innovative, PCI compliant terminals and POS solutions
  • Virtual terminal solutions for desktop processing
  • Real-time reporting features
  • Cash Advances and fast access to loans

G5 Business is a division of G5 Transaction Solutions where “strategy is our strength and business solutions are our passion”. We work with our clients continually on strategy, planning and problem solving. We enter every business partnership with a consultation. We provide advice, skill training and brainstorming with all of our clients to produce the best results within your budget.