We have all heard this in meetings and had discussions and agreed that this is one of the best strategies to grow your business. Then the conversation revolves around, “out where?”

The next logical question that you would ask is, “Who are we trying to reach?” Unfortunately, because we are usually trying to grow quickly, we say “everyone.” This is where the plan, if there was one, falls apart because it is not possible to, nor do you want to, reach everyone. You must determine “your” specific audience and go after them. In our company, we focus our targeting small and mid-sized businesses. We look for ways to help them save money on their electronic processing, but also we help grow their business through social media solutions to bring customers in their doors. That is who we target, but we are also flexible and work with businesses of all sizes that need any of our services.

So, “how do you do that?” You must have a plan. There are a few things that you can do to get out there quickly, like blog or conduct online trainings. These help, but in the end, will not get you the results that you are looking for to take you “viral”. Your business plan, development and execution, will be the key to your success. Some of the goals that you must set should include:

a)       Determine who my target audience is.

b)       Grow this list monthly, by “x” %.

c)       Blog continually, have my articles written ahead of time and ready to post according to a schedule that you determine.

d)       Utilize other sorts of media, like video or reports, that will help promote your company and its solutions.

There are many options, but be specific and targeted in the approach that you choose. We wish you great success in “getting out there”.